As a Medical Tourism Company Divine Medcure provide a range of services to facilitate the process of traveling India for medical treatments and procedures. Our company act as intermediaries, connecting patients with healthcare providers in India. Some of the common services provided by us are as:


* Treatment Consultation: Divine Medcure help patients understand their medical needs and provide consultations regarding suitable treatment options available in India. We work with experienced medical professionals to offer expert advice.

* Appointment Scheduling: Our company assists in scheduling appointments with healthcare facilities and doctors, ensuring that the patient's treatment plan is well-organized.

* Travel and Accommodation Arrangements: Divine medcure take care of the logistics involved in traveling for medical purposes. This includes booking flights, arranging transportation to and from the hospital, and arranging accommodations for the patient and their accompanying individuals.

* Medical Records and Information Management: Our company manage the patient's medical records and share them with the relevant healthcare providers in the destination country to ensure continuity of care.

* Language Interpretation: We often provide interpreters who can assist patients in communicating with healthcare providers, so no language barriers exist.

* Cost Estimates and Financial Planning: Divine Medcure offer cost estimates for the entire treatment process, including medical procedures, hospital stay, and other associated expenses. This helps patients plan their budget accordingly.

* Assistance with Visa and Travel Documentation: Our company can help patients with the necessary visa and travel documentation requirements, ensuring a smooth travel experience.

* Post-Treatment Follow-up: After the medical procedure is completed, Divine Medcure also arrange follow-up consultations and care, either in the destination country or back home.

* Concierge Services: Our company also offers additional concierge services such as arranging local tours and activities for patients and their companions during their recovery period.


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